Step Three: Wedding Invitations

It is no secret that wedding planning can be stressful. If wedding planning hasn't reached chaos mode yet, it may begin to get overwhelming when you start to think of ordering your wedding invitations.  I know what you may be much to do with so little time. Trust us, we have been there too. One wonderful thing about working with a custom stationer is that besides giving you one-of-a-kind invitations, we are also here to make your life less stressful. We take time to know the correct etiquette for the wedding invitation, the latest designs/trends, and we try to do anything we can to make your life easier. The wedding invitation process takes careful planning and can take a lot of time (unless you already know what you want). If you fall in love with your stationer that designed your save the dates, then it may be best for you to use them for your wedding invitations. It is every stationer's intention to help you through the initial step (save the dates) to the final step (day-of paper).

While four to five months seems like a long time before your wedding to order invitations, it surprisingly is not. You must make sure that you give your guests plenty of notice to make their travel arrangements and to RSVP. Don't forget: if you plan to have an 'A' list and a 'B' list (maybe a 'C' list), then you need to give yourself even more time so that your guests do not think that they are second thoughts.

The most fun part, for us, is to actually to design the invitations, but this can be somewhat stressful. Some couples choose to have all of their wedding stationary to be cohesive, while others choose whatever they like best. Here are a few invitations that just prove how diverse invitations can be--wedding invitations can truly be anything you want them to be.

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See?! We weren't kidding that there are so many different options. Whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea, it is our job to create the perfect invitation suite for your big day. There are only a few things that we need in order to start the drafting process. These are the necessary wedding details that go on your wedding invitation: names, location, wedding times, reception info, wedding website, etc.

Just like save the dates, some stationers will be able to design the perfect invitation suite closer to your wedding date if need be. Keep in mind, though, that it can take a little while to go through the drafting process (we recommend estimating a month for the drafting process) and the printing process, especially if you are using specialty paper that involves additional time to order.

Regardless, whatever you dream can typically be created (and hopefully it is in your budget)! We hope this was helpful! Next week, we will continue on with wedding invitations, but this time we will be focusing on mailing your invitations out and envelope addressing etiquette. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to start planning your wedding stationary!