The (many) ways to word your wedding invitation

Determining the wording of your wedding invitations is sometimes the most difficult part of the invitation process.  Many of our brides want to please everyone and want to ensure that they are following etiquette rules. Today we are going to discuss the various ways that you can word your invitations. In its simplest form: all you need to include is who is getting married, the date, time, and location, but there are many ways that you can organize this information.


Traditional Wording

Mr. and Mrs. John Brown (proper names of those hosting)

request the honor of your presence (request line)

at the marriage of their daughter

Elizabeth Anne (bride's first and middle names only)

to Joshua David Smith (groom's full name)

Saturday, the sixth of May (day of the week, day, and month of the wedding)

at six o'clock in the evening (time of wedding and time of day)

(name of location)

(city and state of where wedding is taking place)

Reception to follow

If the bride's parents are hosting, then it is customary to leave off the bride's last name. It is assumed that the bride shares the same last name as her parents. If, by chance, the bride has a different last name, then you use the bride's full name.

While this is the traditional wording, many brides and grooms choose to do something different. The biggest question we receive is how to word the invitation when the bride & groom are hosting or if everyone is chipping in.

Here is a little cheat sheet for the other wording titles :)


In the end, you can ultimately put whatever you want on your invitation. Just remember to include all the necessary information! Next week, we are going to talk about what to do when you only can invite a certain number of people (or want an adult-only wedding). Stay tuned! xoxo