Little Baby Foster's Nursery

I have had the best time working on Jackson's nursery during my pregnancy!  I started super early (like 15 weeks) for several reasons.. one being that my hubby was away on travel for 2 months which left nothing else to do, two that I was in my "slow season" for my personal business, and three, being the most likely, was that I was too excited to wait!  I had already started my Pinterest board way back when of a general idea, but it definitely changed along the way.  I didn't want a "theme" but more a collection of happiness :)  So the first thing I did was to create an inspiration board and find the best deals on the "big items". nursery

The big items included the crib, rug, rocker/glider, and dresser. I knew I wanted a white, modern crib with clean lines so I automatically looked at Ikea first. I actually found the exact one I wanted (Gulliver crib) on Craigslist, but when I saw it in person, I immediately changed my mind because it was super short (like 29"). I guess it was just part of the modern design, but with me being 5'10 and hubby being 6'5, it was not going to make the cut. So then I just started Googling, and ended up finding a similar design at Walmart. The fact that it was on the cheaper side was definitely a plus. For the dresser, I wanted something that was a decent size so that I could use it as his changing table. This was another Craigslist find that I spruced up with a coat of light aqua paint and painted the drawer handles as well. Next was the rocker/glider. These things are EXPENSIVE, so once again, I searched Craiglist. I got pretty lucky because I found one right away in a light blue color and it had just been steam cleaned. Its very comfortable too! The last thing that I definitely knew I wanted was the herringbone rug from . That was kind of the centerpiece of the whole nursery, and I lovveeeee it.

For the crib bedding, I couldn't find anything in the stores that I liked, so I decided to make it myself :)  I found a tutorial on Pinterest for a DIY crib skirt and decided to paint the stripes on (in hindsight, I wish I would have just ordered navy/white striped fabric).  For the bumper, I just recovered an old one that I found on Craigslist (after washing it of course). This may or not not stay in the crib due to the whole SIDS concern, but for now, its cute.  For the crib blanket, I just found fabrics at JoAnn's and made it myself. Here are links for the pillows:


Blabla Pierre the Bunny

DIY Cloud Pillow

Prints above dresser:

ABC print

Lion print

Braves print

I bought the sunshine canvas from Marshalls :)

Jackson's big sister guarding his room.. I always find her in there laying by the crib.  I don't think she has any idea whats about to happen, but its the sweetest thing <3

I'm sure everyone has seen the Ikea spice racks used as bookshelves via Pinterest.. I just loved the look of it, and its not nearly as bulky as a big ole bookcase.  Most people end up painting them, but I liked the natural wood look :)

One of my first DIY projects for the nursery was this pegboard that I had seen via Pinterest.  I was trying to make a few "manly" decorations and thought the pegboard as a great way to do that. I stuck hubby's baseball glove up there and bought these wire baskets from Home Depot to put diapers in.  Then I just put his baby shower invitations up there for now, we can always switch those out later as he gets older :)

The Curious George is actually from when Dave was a kid!  The original :) And Jackson's sonogram from 12 weeks!

Another fun, quick DIY project that I did was his crib mobile. Its just card stock hanging from an embroidery hoop with baker's twine!  For the prints above his crib, I found most of them on Etsy, and my talented brother drew the fox, elephant and giraffe.  They are all complete with little crowns above their heads :)  Here are the links for the other prints:

I'll Eat You Up

King of All Wild Things

Make Mischief

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

Where the Wild Things Are Print (this was just a page from the book)

Climb Mountains Little One

Last but not least, I wanted to add something baseball related for the hubs.  I found this baseball bat coat rack idea on Pinterest and tried it out for myself!  I just got an old bat and drilled holes for hooks and to hang it on the wall.  We have Dave's jerseys hanging up for now, but eventually it will be for Jackson's little coats and such :)  The painted sign above the rack is from Homegoods.

I hope my sweet boy loves his nursery as much as his mama does! I can't wait to have him in it :)



Photo credit: Jessica Ryan Photography