Coastal Charm Wedding Styled Shoot |7.25.2015

Another beautiful styled shoot Paper Dolls participated in was this lovely, coastal charm inspired wedding. The rustic details are so stunning, the drift wood elements, the incredibly detailed table arrangements, the amazing cake, and our beautiful watercolor invites. JLE (9 of 18)JLE (8 of 18)JLE (154 of 479)JLE (68 of 479)JLE (7 of 18)JLE (10 of 18)JLE (10 of 479)JLE (11 of 479) JLE (148 of 479)JLE (172 of 479)JLE (13 of 18)JLE (292 of 479)

This shoot would not have been possible without the help of our amazing local vendors:

Makeup: Dhalia Edwards

Hair: Hair by Stephanie B

Jewelry: Stella & Dot by Nikki Marie

Beach decor: Cereus Art; Tidal Bay Collection

Floral: Fluttering Flowers

Linens: Waterford Event Rentals

Venue: Holiday Inn Oceanside 

Stationery: Paper Dolls Design

Desserts: Emily Sutton 

Photography: Tara Liebeck

Gowns: Privee Bride

Under The Sea Wedding Styled Shoot |7.25.2015

This summer PaperDolls Design has been asked to participate in a quite a few beautiful wedding styled shoots! This shoot's stunning details and elements makes you feel as if you have just walked under the sea. From the beautiful sequin table clothes, to the subtle ocean details, the stunning ruffle cake and of course, our amazing stationery, everything fits so perfectly. The entire shoot was inspired by the colors teal, peach and coral. We added ombre stationery and watercolor coral to touch on that aquatic feel.HolidayInn_StyledJuly-0055HolidayInn_StyledJuly-0120 HolidayInn_StyledJuly-0043 HolidayInn_StyledJuly-0128HolidayInn_StyledJuly-0062 HolidayInn_StyledJuly-0046


This shoot would not have been possible with out the help of our amazing local vendors:

Makeup: Dhalia Edwards

Hair: Hair by Stephanie B

Jewelry: Stella & Dot by Nikki Marie

Beach decor: Cereus Art

Floral: Fluttering Flowers

Linens: Waterford Event Rentals

Venue: Holiday Inn Oceanside 

Stationery: Paper Dolls Design

Cake: Incredible Edibles 

Photography: Elizabeth Henson 

Gowns: Privee Bride

How to address an envelope

Hi everyone! We are so sorry for the delay in our posts--everything gets a little crazy when there's snow on the ground and then your 11 month old gets sick for the first time (overreaction city) and then gets you sick.  We're all better now, and ready to share some insight on addressing envelopes! Our last post focused on the dreaded guest list. We provided you with helpful tips to stay organized and as stress-free as possible. But what do you do once your invitations are supposed to be mailed? Today we wanted to focus on the proper way to address the envelope.

Envelope addressing can be a little finicky at times--should I address it to just our friend, is it okay to say "and guest", should I include both names if the couple is married? Regardless of your question, we are here to help! Today, we are going to go step-by-step through each possible option!

To a Married Couple

For a formal wedding invitation, most couples choose: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Want to include both couples? It is always okay to include the names of both individuals--it's kind of like formal meeting informal. To do this, you would want to address the couple as Mrs. Sarah and Mr. John Smith.

Want something a little more informal? Try going with Sarah and John Smith. If you want to go this route, you will want to include the name of the husband and the wife. Fun fact: the man will always go last because she should never be "removed" from his last name!

To a Married Couple that Uses Different Last Names

But what do you do when the couple is married but have separate last names? Easy: Mrs. Sarah Matthews and Mr. John Smith. Just like with a married couple, if you want to not use Mr. and Mrs., then simply say Sarah Matthews and John Smith.

To an Unmarried Couple Living Together

Just with married couples. both names should be written on the envelope. Here's the catch: the names should be on separate lines. Way back when, some etiquette guru (most likely Emily Post) developed the do's and don'ts of envelope addressing, and it was seen as improper for a married couple to be "tied" together by the word 'and'. So with this in mind, most couples write:

Mr. John Smith

Ms. Sarah Matthews

To a Married Woman Doctor or Two Married Doctors

If you are inviting a female doctor, you would want to make sure to include her title on the envelope. For example: Dr. Sarah Smith and Mr. John Smith. If she uses his last name then it simply would be Dr. Sarah and Mr. John Smith.

What if one of your guests are both doctors? It would be Doctors Sarah and John Smith.

You may be asking yourself, what about the other individuals with titles? If you know your guest prefers to go by their title, then use it for addressing (for example, you would want to say The Honorable _____ if one of your guests was a judge). Just like with doctors, if the woman has the distinguished title, then she goes first and you would write her name.

To Children and Families

Younger children can be included on the envelope. When you choose to do this, then you would put the children on the second line.

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Lucy, Parker and James

Have a family with a lot of kids or don't want to go this formal? You could always put The Smith Family.

To Children 18 and Older

Technically, children who are 18 or older should receive their own invitation. However, if they are still living at home save the money and include them on their parent's invitation. For individuals, you would write Ms. Lucy Smith or Mr. James Smith.

Got all of that? We know that we threw a lot at you, so here is a little cheat sheet for you :)


Didn't see an example for address that you are stuck on? Just ask us!

See you all next week with a brand new blog post!

Step Two: Save the Dates

So now that you have a rough idea of your guest list and know how much to order--remember: for stationary, you want to think about the number of households and not the number of guests--it is time to begin thinking about your save the dates! Thanks to our helpful timeline in our previous blog post here, we recommend for you to order and mail out your save the dates 10-12 months prior to the big day. While we can certainly design save the dates in a time crunch, allowing yourself this time will cause for less stress and it is giving your guests enough time to plan for your big day--especially if they are travelling from out of town.

Before we get to the fun part--the design--it is also important to note that save the dates are not required. Many couples choose to send out a save the date because it is a fun way to show off those adorable engagement pictures and to of course announce your upcoming nuptials. However fun it is for both of us, etiquette technically does not state that you need to send out a save the date.

One of our favorite things about save the dates is that they can be a little more fun and informal than the actual wedding invitation. Save the dates come in so many different forms--from postcards, to magnets, to engagement photo cards, etc. You will also notice in the pictures below that it is important for the save the date to introduce the style and theme of your wedding.  That can be through your wedding colors or an "icon" that becomes a symbol/logo of your big day.  This theme is typically carried out to the day of paper goods, such as programs, menus, place cards, table numbers and even thank you cards.

In order to give you just an idea of the vast array of save the date styles, we wanted to share some of the save the dates we have done in the past. Hope you enjoy!

View More:

This save the date was a photo from their engagement shoot. The beach backdrop tied in perfectly with their beach-themed wedding invitations! View More:

Or you can do something similar to this save the date. The couple was having a travel-themed wedding and chose to make a boarding pass as their save the date.View More: on your vision, adding a little humor to your save the date may lighten the mood and give your guests a good laugh ;)

3381_461938740520601_1940299663_nkatrina+bryanThe above save the dates are actually magnets!  Magnets are a great way to give you guests something to stick on their fridge in order to remind them of your date :)


There is also nothing wrong with something classic that will tie in perfectly to your special day.

Regardless of your style, vision, or theme, save the dates should include three things: your name, the wedding date, and the location (typically the city and state). Save the dates are also a great way to share your wedding website--if you have one--with your guests!

Next week, we will discuss how and when to order your wedding invitations! As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Congratulations! You're Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations, you're engaged! This will be one of the most exciting (and not to mention, stressful) times of your lives! In a couple of years though, you'll  look back and wish that you could redo it all(we promise)! We definitely understand how overwhelming wedding planning can be, especially because I was a bride just 3 (short) years ago!  So in efforts to make it the teeniest bit easier for you guys, we've put together a wedding stationery timeline!  Often, brides ask us when exactly they need to send everything out, and especially when to start ordering! This can often be a little tricky because there's so much different information that can be found online. Here is what we recommend :)


The key point is to try to give yourself as much time as possible. While any stationery vendor will do their best to work with you on a tighter deadline, it is MUCH less stressful for you (and us) if we have as much time as possible. Ultimately, as soon as you have your guest list, venue, vision and color palette, you can get started on your wedding stationery as early as possible!

During the next few weeks, we will focus on each part of this timeline and explain the importance of using any timeline that fits your needs in order to cause the least amount of stress as possible. Stay tuned and be sure to contact us to start working on your save the dates!