Congratulations! You're Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations, you're engaged! This will be one of the most exciting (and not to mention, stressful) times of your lives! In a couple of years though, you'll  look back and wish that you could redo it all(we promise)! We definitely understand how overwhelming wedding planning can be, especially because I was a bride just 3 (short) years ago!  So in efforts to make it the teeniest bit easier for you guys, we've put together a wedding stationery timeline!  Often, brides ask us when exactly they need to send everything out, and especially when to start ordering! This can often be a little tricky because there's so much different information that can be found online. Here is what we recommend :)


The key point is to try to give yourself as much time as possible. While any stationery vendor will do their best to work with you on a tighter deadline, it is MUCH less stressful for you (and us) if we have as much time as possible. Ultimately, as soon as you have your guest list, venue, vision and color palette, you can get started on your wedding stationery as early as possible!

During the next few weeks, we will focus on each part of this timeline and explain the importance of using any timeline that fits your needs in order to cause the least amount of stress as possible. Stay tuned and be sure to contact us to start working on your save the dates!